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Microimages x server

Microimages x server

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MicroImages developed MI/X as the X Server for its line of TNTgis software. With MI/X you can use your PCs as X terminals in a network environment as an X. X server: The X program that manages the display and runs locally on the terminal or computer on the desktop. The server controls output to the display, handles. X Server. Technical Guides & other documentation Color Management for X Server and Views (2 sided) · TechGuide Windows Desktop or the X Desktop.

Linux via MicroImages X Server. As described in the Redhat section, the X- windowing display can be independent of the machine running the application. 21 Aug Typically, an X-windows server is only going to be of use to someone who wants to make use of software running on a Unix host, so you will. 26 Apr MicroImages X Server is a useful tool designed to work with the products from the TNT series such as TNTatlas and TNTsim3D. The application.

MicroImages, Inc. is a software development company in Lincoln, Nebraska founded in . MicroImages, Inc. Company Information · MicroImages X Server. On DOS/Windows systems, you can choose to display the microimages X Server title bar if desired. Besides identifying the microimages X Server, this title. MI/X Microimage's MI/X ( are the lowest-cost of the commercial X servers, at $25 per user, or less for site licenses. This server. X server terminology, though, tends to cause problems because it is just the X servers is available, including MI/X ( freestuf /mix/). MicroImages realizes that although the TNT products provide all the features you need for . Everything on the screen, including the X Server title bar and the.

Frequently asked questions and answers regarding MI/X, the free MicroImages X server. There is more than one way to install an x-server on your home PC, but this page describes the How to download Microimage's MI/X x-server for windows. 6 Oct I don't know whether anyone wrote about this, so here it goes. It is possible to bring down the XServer remotely $ telnet TNTatlas for Windows and a version that runs with MicroImages X Server (MI/. X) called TNTatlas for X Windows. These products are also referred to as TNTatlas.


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